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Headway Salford – Not Just A Day Centre

Here at Headway Salford Trafford and North Manchester we believe in providing a holistic service for all our members and their carers.

We offer a weekly day-centre service at The Salford Centre for Spiritualism. We also provide a 1:1 service for all our members and their carers ensuring they are receiving all the benefits they are entitled to, they have the right healthcare in place, they are connected to other services and charities that might be able to help them as well as support sourcing any specialist equipment for their homes.

Sam Ashcroft our Network Coordinator for the charity makes home visits to support our members and during one of these visits she noticed that a number of members were struggling with the cost of living crisis. A number of members had empty food cupboards, and didn’t have essential kitchen appliances such as fridges, freezers and washing machines.

Sam was able to connect with local Manchester services that provide second hand white kitchen goods for people in need and she secured these items the same day. Sam then went to collect these items and delivered them to the members on the same day! Sam was also able to connect with a local food bank that supports people on no/low income to help provide food parcels for those struggling.

Sam said: “We don’t just support members when they are here at our day-centre. Our charity supports them around the clock. We have a helpline that members can call if they are in need of support. I also do home visits and I’m able to discuss with our members and their carers any extra support they may need. I obtain benefits advice for them to make sure they get all the benefits they are entitled to.”

The cost of living crisis has had a real impact on our members, most of whom can’t work because of their disability. I was pleased to be able to source white goods and food shopping for our members in need on the same day as my visits. It is really shocking to see our members struggling with these things but we are here to help in any way we can.”

For more information about our services or to refer yourself or a client into our services contact us at hello@headwaysalford.co.uk